How To Begin A Budget Like A Pro

Do you cringe when someone mentions the word budget? Yeah, I did too. The word budget never seems to have a good reputation and many millennials probably don’t even know the definition. But really, a budget is just a game plan for your money before you start spending it. A budget shouldn’t be used to Read More

10 Little Known Facts About Money

American money as we know it was first printed to finance the civil war. At present 38 million notes of money are printed each day to replace what’s already in circulation. It’s no secret that those green dollars are an everyday modern necessity. Money is what drives our world. But how much do you really know about this Read More

2 Proven Methods To Pay Off Debt

Although we try our best to get our finances under control and pay down debt, mindlessly making payments every month isn’t always enough. With so many people in debt these days we often find ourselves pulling our hair out over how we can pay our bills.  Which is why you need a method in order Read More

7 Whimsical Beach Gear Ideas

This post may contain affiliate links. I can almost feel the gritty sand between my toes and the warm sun on my face. I can nearly smell the salt air tickling at my nose and hear the crashing of waves chiming into my ears. Summer is in full throttle and for many, that means beach Read More